8 Advanced Valheim Tips to Take Your Game to Next Level

Valheim is the new and brutal survival game with a Viking theme. The game sees players cutting down trees and smelting metals to build huge settlements and pointy weapons. Valheim is packed to the brim with great content, and has already pushed its way to the top 10 on Steam. For players that have racked up the hours and want to get ahead, we have a great list of advanced tips. These advanced Valheim tips will take your game to the next level!

Advanced Valheim Tips

Easy Exploit to Get Metal Through Portals in Valheim

This is less a tip and more about exploiting the game. If you’re looking to get those precious metals through a Valheim portal here’s what you’ve got to do.

Step 1

Make sure all of the metal you want to take through the portal is in your inventory.

Step 2

Log out.

Step 3

Create a new world.

Step 4

When you land in the world, cut down trees to get 23 Wood, you’ll also need 2 Stone. Now, craft yourself a Hammer, a Crafting Station and a Wooden Chest.

Step 5

Put all of your metals in that chest.

Step 6

Log out, and sign back into your main world.

Step 7

Once you’ve logged in, walk through the portal.

Step 8

Log out, and log back into the new world.

Step 9

Grab all of the metals out of the chest, and make sure it’s all in your inventory.

Step 10

One final time, log out, and log back into your main world. You’ll have all of the metals in your inventory and successfully taken them to your base.

Killing Bosses or Trolls Easily in Valheim

The difficulty curve can be quite a shock to new players. Especially if you’re entering the Swamp for the first time. Even worse, boss fights can sometimes take 3 or 4 tries. Fortunately, there’s a little way to deal extra damage to your foes, and it’s incredibly easy.

Simply drop Campfires all over the battlefield. Players will only need a Hammer and the ingredients, as Campfires don’t require a Crafting Station.

Place them down and watch the Troll light up like a Christmas Tree.

Image result for valheim troll on fire

Unlimited Boss Powers

After defeating a boss and hanging the trophy up, players will gain access to certain powers. For example, the power of Eikthyr will grant players better stamina for 5 minutes. The downside to this power, is players have to wait 20 minutes after activation to use it again. However, if you’re playing with a friend, and they activate the power next to you, you’ll also receive the bonus for the 5 minutes. There are no cooldowns to wait for because you didn’t activate it yourself.

If you were to play Valheim with three friends and took advantage of this tip, you could all have boosted stamina for the entirety of your session.

Image result for valheim power of eikthyr

Dig Yourself a Moat in Valheim

When you start getting into the later days in Valheim, and successfully take down some of the bosses, you’ll start to notice harder, more frequent enemies. This is frustrating when they show up at your base ready for war. If you’re trying to sit by the fire and cook some meat, the last thing you want is a brute punching a hole in your wall. Enemies want to attack you, your Crafting Stations, and your Chests.

The best way to prevent this, is to dig a deep moat around your settlement. Then, build a bridge to the front gate, and smash the middle of it out so enemies fall straight through.

Live on the Edge

Running through the Meadow to the Black Forest just for Copper can be a pain. Building yourself a small settlement on the edge of the Meadow will stop the harder enemies coming after you, while giving you easy access to the tasty materials the Black Forest has to offer.

Max Sneak Level in Valheim

There are many creatures you can tame in Valheim. The first creatures that players will likely tame first, are Boars, just because they’re everywhere. (You can check out how to tame a boar here. Clicking this link won’t take you away from this page.)

Once you’ve tamed an animal you can actually use this to your advantage. Simply hop into the pen, sneak around it, and watch your level go up.

The fact you’re sneaking around living animals means you can level up, without the danger of an angry boar charging at you.

Where to Find Great Treasure in Valheim

Have you ever been running through the Meadows in Valheim, and then stumbled across a weird circle of rocks. Or, have you not noticed anything about the rocks at all? Well, either way, these advanced Valheim tips are about to blow your mind.

Buried somewhere in the centre of these odd outline of rocks is some extremely valuable treasure. All you’ll need is a pickaxe and a boatload of stamina. Simply chip away at the whole area, you’ll likely find a lot of Skeleton Bones, which are great for multiple crafting recipes. But more importantly, you’ll find a chest, with coins, rubies, pearls, and more. The reason these valuable items are good to find, is the fact that somewhere in the Black Forest in Valheim, there’s a merchant that will accept these items as payment.

To find the merchant you can check out this article here. Clicking this link won’t take you away from this article.

Easily Kill Most Bosses in Valheim

I know, we said 8 advanced Valheim tips, but we couldn’t resist, and ended up throwing in two bonus tips.

This one is simple, bosses are hard, and killing them takes ages. The solution? Dig a massive hole and lure them into it. This works with most of the bosses. Once they’re stuck, there is very little they can do to attack, depending on the boss…

How to Climb Out of a Deep Pit in Valheim

Ever dug a whole you can’t get out of in Valheim? Maybe you tried our last advanced tip in Valheim and now you’re wondering how you’re supposed to climb out of a Troll sized hole.

Simply sprint at the wall, and spam the jump button. You’ll fly up that wall like a Skyrim horse over a mountain. Take that, gravity!

Strangely, this also works on tall structures, like buildings or fences. Use the trick and get over any obstacle.

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