Blood Moon Missions – How To Make The Most Of Them!

Blood Moon missions are normal missions but with considerably more difficult enemies. They appear once you’ve completed the story and they are the best source for EXP and loot! Here are some ways of making the most out of those Blood Moon missions in Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity!

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Choosing Characters 

Try to choose characters that are close to max level if you haven’t yet reached Lvl. 100 with any of your characters, that way it will be easier to max out the rest of the roster! Blood Moon Missions are a great opportunity to grab yourself some EXP, so cherish the opportunity!

Play On Easy Mode 

You may be pleased to know that changing difficulty modes don’t affect how much EXP or loot you get! By playing on Easy Mode, you’ll storm through enemies quicker and won’t need to worry too much about preserving health or needing to deal more damage. 

Weapon Skills

Try to take weapons that have any form of increased material drop fused into them as well as increased EXP! This will help you a great deal when it comes to selling loot! These weapons are indicated with circular seals, so be sure to have some of those at hand (literally)! 

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Cooking Meals 

Be sure to make the most of the meal slots that you have! Cook meals that will give you any increased EXP or material drop as well as increased rupees. Beware that increased rupee meals like Dubious Food decrease health by 20% so stock up on apples if you feel the need!

Clear Outposts And Extra Enemies 

Clearing outposts rewards you with treasure chests that will give you weapons. Take advantage of clearing out as many of these as you can! Also, it helps to clear any enemy hoards around the battlefield. Not only will this give you more EXP but it will help you to charge up your Special Attacks to use against difficult foes!

Sell And Fuse Between Missions

You’re going to be getting a lot of loot! That’s why it would be good to sell off any excess loot that you get. This includes monster parts, ancient parts or just anything you have TONS of. Stables are great places to sell to as they give you more rupees for what you sell depending on what category of material it is. This is indicated by a little star next to the material category icon when you visit the stable. Make sure to fuse/sell weapons between Blood Moon missions so you don’t run out of space in your inventory all the time!

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