Cities Skylines Make Millions With Max Happiness Exploit

Cities Skylines is a fantastic game that sees players running a city. Whether you’re building schools, running businesses, or putting out fires, everything costs money. Fortunately, thanks to YouTuber The Spiffing Brit, we have a Cities Skylines Exploit to easily make millions of dollars, while keeping your citizens extremely happy!

Although you can get cheats in Cities Skylines, you won’t need to! Trophy and achievement hunters will find this exploit extremely helpful. Exploiting Cities Skylines doesn’t prevent players getting any achievement or trophy.

Picture credit – Spiffing Brit

How to do the Cities Skylines exploit for max happiness and millions of dollars

Step 1

Firstly, the best way to ensure that thousands of people move in ASAP, is to lower your taxes as soon as you can. On the slider for taxes, slide it all the way down to 1%. (Unfortunately, you can’t go lower than 1%). People will see the lack of tax in your city, and they’ll all begin clamouring to get in.

You can also go one step further, and give everybody a tax relief. This will set the taxes to 0.

Step 2

Put each building in a different area. For example, put the landfill site at one side of the map, and the fire station the opposite end.

Step 3

Every time you build a road leading up to these buildings, place two or three toll booths down.

Step 4

Place multiple roads spiralling in and out of your city, and fill them with toll booths.

Step 5

Build a residential area and place toll booths down for the residents to use when entering and leaving.

The citizens will become extremely happy due to your taxless utopia. The toll booth, while paying out millions a month, won’t effect the overall happiness.

Step 6

Be sure to up the price of your toll booths to the maximum. For a more efficient city, you can set the toll booths to auto. Although this will net you less money, it’ll clear up any traffic in your city. This will stop all services from slowing down.

Step 7

Build roads with toll booths, rinse, and repeat.

Spiffing Brits Video

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