Cyberpunk 2077 Athletic Levelling Glitch

When levelling up V we mostly steer towards health, stamina and carry capacity, with agility an afterthought. We’re making it so easy, there’s no excuse not to. This exploit can get you up to Athletic level 20 in 15 minutes. Here’s the new Cyberpunk 2077 athletic levelling glitch!

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Athletic Levelling Setup

To get this glitch to work, you’ll need to get your hands on a Berserk Operating System. These aren’t too hard to find, and come in a variety of forms. If you haven’t got one already you can get one from the Ripperdoc in Westbrook for as little as 7500 EuroDollars.

Check The Levelling Glitch Is Working

Getting this glitch to work takes some precise timing, so it’s best to get to grips with it first. Once you have a Berserk Operating System, equip it and a melee weapon. Take a look at the progression bar for the Athletic Level, then walk up to someone. Activate Berserk mode and wind up for a strong melee attack. Just before the strike hits them, pause the game. Close and then open the progression screen to see your skill level has increased. If it hasn’t keep trying until you get the timing right.

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Leave It Open

Once you’ve got the hang of it, follow the above instructions, leaving the game paused for a longer time. The longer the game is paused, the more levels you’ll progress. After about 15 minutes you’ll have gained 20 levels.

Now you’ve figured out this Cyberpunk 2077 athletic levelling glitch, use your newfound agility wisely! Or don’t, whatever the case, no one will catch you!

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