Dark Souls Remastered Humanity Duplication Glitch

With a series that has such an unforgiving nature like the Souls games, it’s understandable that you’re looking for a way to get ahead. Fortunately this Dark Souls Remastered humanity duplication glitch will do just that! With this glitch you’ll be able to get an infinite amount of humanity’s.

If you’re looking to take on any of the big bosses, an unlimited supply of humanity’s is a must! For an added boost, why not check out our Dark Souls Remastered souls duplication glitch here. (Clicking the link will not take you away from this page.)

For this glitch to work, obviously you’re going to need a Humanity. But, you’ll also need a stack of arrows. Preferably 999 arrows, as this will get you the most out of the glitch.

How To Do The Dark Souls Remastered Humanity Duplication Glitch

Step 1

Obviously this glitch is going to start with a Humanity. Once you have one, move it to the second slot in your item menu. You can do this by clicking the item and choosing ‘change order’.

Step 2

Now you’re going to need to use the directional buttons to scroll over to the arrow tab.

Step 3

Scroll over to the stack of 999 arrows. Select ‘drop’, choose 999, and then cancel.

Step 4

Now just press:

L1 (for PlayStation)
LB (for Xbox)
L (for Switch)

And then scroll down (not up) to ‘Brightness’.

Step 5

With half a second delay press:

X then R1 (for PlayStation)
A then RB (for Xbox)
A then R (for Switch)

You should end up in the brightness menu, but it’ll be glitched. You’ll see that another menu is overlapping it. The best way to know if this has happened is looking at the words in the top left corner of the menu.

This step is pretty tricky to do. Sometimes you’ll just end up changing the tab, if this happens, you can scroll back and keep trying.

Side note: If you completely back out of the menu, you’ll need to start again from step 3.

Step 6

Once you’re in the glitched brightness menu, press ‘OK’ and then scroll down (not up) to ‘quit game’.

Step 7

Once you’ve clicked ‘quit game’ an item screen will appear, select 999 and press ‘OK’

You now have 99 Humanity’s, just don’t go spending them all at once.

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