Dark Souls Remastered Unlimited Souls Glitch

Whether you’ve got a grudge against the Great Grey Wolf Sif, or you’re looking to take down the Taurus Demon, this Dark Souls Remastered unlimited souls glitch is gonna help you smash your way through one of the most difficult games on the planet. 

Dark Souls is notoriously hard, but… it doesn’t have to be. This unlimited souls glitch takes seconds to do, it can be done anywhere, and it’ll literally give you millions of souls to spend on levels, armour, and weapons. 

How To Do The Dark Souls Remastered Unlimited Souls Glitch 

Step 1

You’re going to need a soul item such as a ‘soul of a nameless soldier’. You’ll also need a stack of any type of arrows. It’s best to have 999 of them to get the most out of this glitch. 

Step 2

Put the soul item in the second slot in your menu, you can do this by selecting it and clicking ‘change order’. 

Step 3

Using the directional buttons, scroll over to the arrows tab. 

Step 4

Select the stack of arrows, press drop, select 999 of them, and then click cancel. 

Step 5

Press L1 for PlayStation, LB for Xbox, or L for Nintendo Switch, and scroll down (not up) to brightness. 

Step 6

Press X and R1 for PlayStation, A and RB for Xbox, or A and R for Nintendo Switch at the exact same time, if done right, you’ll have a glitched-out brightness menu that overlaps another menu. (The writing in the top left corner will be overlaying text from another menu). 

This part is tricky as you have to time it perfectly, sometimes you might accidentally change the tab, but you can simply scroll back with L1, LB or L (depending on console) and try glitching the brightness menu again. 

Side note: If you accidentally back out of everything, you’ll need to start again from step 4. 

Step 7 

Once you’re in the glitched brightness menu, press ‘ok’ and scroll down (not up) to quit. 

Step 8

Once you’ve clicked quit, a screen will appear, select 999 and press ‘ok’. 

If done right, you’ll pop hundreds of thousands of souls in one go. Now you can go level up to obscene amounts and buy the best armour possible.

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