Days Gone Fast XP and Credits Glitch

Days Gone is the perfect balance between storytelling and RPG mechanics, but what happens when the RPG mechanics, i.e – the levelling system, takes far too long?
You’ve got zombies to kill! You want the most powerful weapons, the fastest, zombie crushingest bike, and a stamina bar that doesn’t buckle under the pressure of a few hundred zombies trying to nip at your heals, right now!

Well, we’ve got you covered in this Days Gone fast XP and Credits farming glitch. Strap yourselves in!

Step 1.

Get yourself over to the Belknap Caves Ambush Camp.

Step 2.

Once you arrive, locate both fuel cans, and take them to the cave just below the camp.

Step 3.

Place one can outside the entrance, and hurl the other into the cave at the horde to alert them. As soon as the horde starts to charge at you, launch a molotov at the gas can to cause an explosion.

Step 4.

Back away from the horde and shoot the can just outside the cave to cause another explosion, which will hopefully make the undead, dead again!

Step 5.

Finish off the last few freakers. Once dead, go and collect their ears… nice.

Step 6.

Jump on your bike and ride to the circular bunker hatch located in the camp, jump off your bike and quicksave.

Step 7.

Once the icon in the corner confirms you’ve saved, roll off of the edge and plummet to your death!

Step 8.

You’ve spawned back at your bike and the zombies are below you in the cave again, you still have the XP and Swarmer ears, meaning the Days Gone XP glitch worked. Now it’s time to repeat the process until you’re ready to sell the ears to a camp. Good luck out there!

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