Easy Exploit to Get Metal Past Portals in Valheim

Exploring the vast world of Valheim in search of metal is time consuming. Something even more time consuming, is getting all of the metal back to your base. You can’t use a portal, and you can’t run all the way home with too much metal. It weighs a lot, and it’ll mostly likely take you hours to run back and forth through tough biomes. Nobody wants to run through the Swamp biome with lots of valuable metals on them. Fortunately this easy exploit to get metals past portals in Valheim will take you minutes.

Easy Exploit to Get Metal Past Portals in Valheim

Step 1

Once you’ve gathered as much metals as you can, put it all in your inventory. It doesn’t matter if you’re over encumbered, just make sure you have all of it on you.

Step 2

All you need to do here, is log out.

Step 3

Create a completely new world.

Step 4

Once you’ve landed in the newly created world, cut down trees to get 23 Wood. Now find some Stone, you’ll only need 2. Now, craft yourself a Hammer, a Crafting Station and a Wooden Chest.

Step 5

Since you logged out with all of the metals in your inventory, you’ll have taken them to the new world. So, now, put all of your metals in the chest you just crafted.

Step 6

Once again log out. But this time, sign back into your main world.

Step 7

Once you’ve logged into your main world, simply, run to your portal and walk through it. Or, if you don’t have a portal, run back to your base. Either way, head to the location you wish to use your metals.

Step 8

Once you’re back at your base / location you want your metals to be. Log out, and log back into the new world you created earlier.

Step 9

Grab all of the metals out of the chest you created earlier, and make sure it’s everything is in your inventory.

Step 10

Finally, log back out, and log back into your main world. You’ll have all of the metals in your inventory, which means you’ve successfully taken them to your base. Congrats!

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