Fortnite Glider Redeploy Exploit in Online Play!

Fortnite’s glider redeploy exploit isn’t exactly new however players have been scrambling to find a way to recreate it on live servers after numerous Epic patches and one such way has been found just this week! Here’s our Fortnite glider redeploy exploit.

As always it’s important to note that if you use this exploit to win an online game, or even in an online game, you run the risk of getting banned!

Step One: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

You will need someone to help you with this. However, you may also be able to get an unwilling participant to help you in online play if you are playing Solo!

Step Two: The Sentinel Programme

Head over to this location on the map, where the new sentinel robots can be found scattered around!

Step Three: Lend Me a Hand

Approach the fallen sentinel at the bottom of the large hill and get ready to jump into the boost pad located in its hand. When you see the option to redeploy on your screen tell your friend to jump onto the pad. 

This can also work without a friend. If you look for the exact moment, they try and follow you and you redeploy at that moment. 

Step Four: Jump Up and Get Down

If you executed the steps correctly, you will find that you can now redeploy as much as you want and as frequently as you want. So have fun hopping around the map in your glider and don’t forget to thank your friend, or enemy!

That’s it for our Fortnite Glider Redeploy Exploit but why not check out Fortnite Season 3 God Mode? Have any questions? Drop us a message on Twitter, we always reply! For more exploits and glitches on your favourite games, jump over to this page. Or visit our YouTube channel.