Grand Theft Auto 5 Collectible Locations

Grand Theft Auto 5 Collectible Locations is a long-winded and crucial part of the game If you’re a player looking to 100% complete the game. You need to collect all of them. So besides going from Los Santos biggest shooter, you will need to become a bigger collector than a Pokemon trainer. Below, We’ll cover all the Grand Theft Auto 5 Collectible Locations

Letter Scrap Locations

There are a total of 50 Letter Scrap locations in Los Santos, These can begin to be collected once you’ve finished the mission ‘Repossession’. These glowing letters can only be found on the ground and the sound of rustling paper will help you identify their locations.

Once collected, You will uncover the truth behind Leonora Johnson’s murder, which will open up an indicator in Vinewood for the new mission ‘A Starlet’. Make sure you change to Franklin to start this.

Stunt Jump Locations

There are a total of 50 stunt jumps, You can start trying to find all of these from the beginning but you will come across a fair few in your travels and explorations in Los Santos. These jumps will indicate what the success parameters are if you fail, then tell you the amount left if you succeed. The only unlockables doing this painful stretch of jumps are a few paint jobs, but completing all 50 will feel so much better. 

Spaceship Part Locations

Spaceship parts? Yes, But first you need to have finished the mission ‘Far Out’ after you meet the Extraterrestrial obsessed hippie Omega. Spaceship parts are literally anywhere, So you need to have access to a variety of different vehicles to reach them. A low hum will be given off when you are close by to help you zone in on the locations. 

Once collected, You will unlock a mission called ‘The Final Frontier For Franklin’ when completed will grant you access to the ‘Space Docker’ vehicle. 

Playing Card Locations

GTA Playing cards are only available in the Online world of this crazy city. Unsurprisingly this is the only one which there is not 50 to collect, instead, you have the pleasure of collecting 54 of these lovely cards. These cards are a lot harder to spot besides the small glow they give off. These can be found indoors & outdoors so the limits are off the table with these collectibles. 

After you collect all 54, you’ll receive RP, along with chips at various milestones, which you can use in the Diamond Casino & Resort. You’ll also unlock the High Roller outfit and some new gambling-related trinkets for the Master Penthouse. You’ll also unlock a free Cardenas Poncho in Red Dead Online.

Signal Jammer Locations

The Signal Jammer collectibles were around when the Diamond Casino Heists were introduced in the GTA Online side of Los Santos. Playing Cards were added at the same time as both the Heist and the Signal Jammers. The Signals are usually located at the side of bridges.

To collect a Signal Jammer, you need to destroy it. You’ll receive 1,000 RP and $2,000 after destroying each Jammer. Destroying all 50 will bring you an extra $50,000 and unlock Avi Schwartzman for your support crew.

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