GTA Online: Players Robbed at Login

GTAOnline: Players Robbed at Login for money and loot are discovering themselves with absolutely nothing to their virtual names.

The Bug Explained

A nasty bug seems to eliminate players’ high-end products. Players have suggested that they’re losing weapons, vehicles, and whole rental homes mainly PC, though there are errant reports on PS4, and Xbox One platforms. If the missing out on items are the result of the very same glitch on all platforms, It’s currently uncertain

GTAOnline: Players Robbed at Login

This timing is dreadful, as Rockstar Games assured players $500,000 in-game simply for logging in throughout April. “Literally the only things I have left are my clothes, money, rank, and a base arena workshop with none of my upgrades,” one gamer claims on Twitter “‘EVERYTHING IS MISSING,” another exclaims.

Is it Resolved?

Thankfully, GTA Online designer Rockstar Games has actually revealed that they’re dealing with a repair. “We are aware of an issue in GTA Online for PC where some vehicles, weapons and properties are not displaying in character inventories and are actively working to resolve it,” the business stated through a tweet.

It’s unidentified if players will simply get their homes back, or if Rockstar will provide some type of settlement. Seeing how some players are losing hundreds of millions of in-game dollars, the former would most likely work the very best.

When an upgrade ends up being offered,

We have actually reached out to Rockstar Games for comment and will upgrade this post.

Update: Rockstar Games’ support Twitter notes that this bug has actually been repaired on PC. The business encourages players to “restart your game and sign in again for these items to display correctly.”

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