Merchant In Valheim: Locate, Buy & Sell

Like all games, a merchant is always a highlight to look out for. Well Valheim is no different! Spend your well-earned (looted) jewels and coins and grab yourself some exclusive goodies. Here’s how to find the merchant in Valheim!

Shopping Trip

The first thing you have to do is FIND the merchant, Haldor, who can be found in the Black Forest biome. His location is randomised, with some players reporting that they have never found him at all! When you do eventually get close to him, however, you’ll see a sack icon on your map.

There is a trick here though.

You can create a new world with the seed code: 42069lolxd. This will give you a world where the location of the merchant is known. That way you can travel to him and trade before logging out and back into your main world. To reach him, travel south-east from the spawn point, following the coast. If you are wary and make good use of your stamina, you should make it here without issue. Check the map below for more details.

r/valheim - Trader Seed and Map
Thanks to Reddit & user MysticalPleb for this one

We recommend making a base nearby once you reach the merchant to avoid having to run all the way back. This is especially helpful if you are using it as a temporary world as you can swap out your inventory nice and quickly before heading back to your main game.

What Are Ya Buying?

The merchant has a short and sweet selection of goods to trade. They are as follows:

Yule Hat 100A red and white Santa hat. Cosmetic only.
Ymir Flesh 120Crafting material for high-end equipment. Iron Sledge and Frostner.
Fishing Rod350A rod for fishing. DOES NOT work on deer… (We tried).
Fishing Bait x50 10Essential bait for catching fish.
Dverger Circlet620A tiara that serves as a permanent light source. Handy for caves so you can equip a shield and a weapon or arrows and a bow without the need for a torch.
Megingjord 950A belt that increases carry weight by 150. Perfect for resource farming trips.
Haldor’s wares
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What Are Ya Selling?

There are currently, at time of writing, only 3 items that you can sell to the merchant for coins. You can also find coins randomly throughout the world in chests and caves as well as from killing trolls.

ItemSell PriceInfo
Amber5Usually found in chests, troll caves and burial chambers in the Black Forest and other biomes.
Amber Pearls10Usually found in troll caves, burial chambers in the Black Forest and dug up from graves across biomes.
Ruby20Can be found in chests, troll caves, burial chambers and crypts across biomes.
Selling to Haldor

The items listed above are only in the game to be sold so make sure you take them with you when visiting the merchant!

That’s it for our guide, were you able to find the merchant In Valheim? Let us know on Twitter or in the comments below!

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