Mortal Kombat 11: Easy Level-Up Exploit For Lots Of XP!

Here is possibly one of the easiest exploits for any game ever. Fancy earning lots of XP without actually playing the game? It may not be the most rewarding farming method in a game, but in this game it certainly feels more worth it! Here are some simple and minimal steps for this easy level-up exploit for lots of XP in Mortal Kombat 11!

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Step 1

Head to Kustomize Character from the Main Menu. Pick a high-level, powerful character and head to the AI Behaviour menu. Here, you can adjust their default settings and change where their strengths and weaknesses lie. This step is ultimately up to you. Use your judgement and experiment with settings to create the most powerful and successful character that you can!

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Step 2

Once you’ve adjusted the settings to your liking, take to the Klassic Towers and choose Endless Mode. Select the character you’ve just customised to fight. However, before you go any further, there will be an option to toggle the “AI Fighter” button. Hit this to activate the character as an AI.

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Step 3

Now your customised character is set as an AI, let them go ahead and fight! This is where experimentation comes in handy. Your character could have the stamina and luck to progress in dozens of fights, earning you XP each time. The only time you’ll have to press anything is when you have to progress at the end of each round.

Those were the steps on how to level-up easy in Mortal Kombat 11! How did you find this level-up exploit? What characters worked best for you in Mortal Kombat 11? Let us know in the comments and by tweeting us! Be sure to check out our YouTube channel and our site for more glitches and exploits for other games!

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