Outriders: 10-20 Second Legendary Weapon Farming

As we get closer to the full Outriders game, on April 1st, players are max levelling their outriders, and worlds. One thing that we’ve all been grinding for, is legendary weapons. And, to anyone as obsessed with these as I am, using this Outriders legendary weapon farming technique will take seconds.

Ok, so technically, it takes a few minutes to set up, but once done, you can spam it. This legendary weapon farming technique will then only take 10 – 20 seconds to do.

How to do the Outriders Legendary Weapon Farming Technique

Step 1

Get yourself to world 4 or 5, this will obviously go a lot easier on world 5.

Step 2

Hop over to the lobby.

Step 3

In the Outriders lobby menu, you can select points in the story to start from. Scroll to Rift Town. Choose ‘Meet with Jakub and Shira at her command room‘.

Step 4

After meeting with them, go out and cut through to the Solar Tower like the mission says.

Step 5

Once you get to the Vanguard Captain mini boss, focus on killing the boss. You can do this quickly with headshots, if your gun isn’t powerful enough, spamming your abilities will do it.

Step 6

As soon as you’ve killed the captain, check to see if he dropped legendary loot. If not, run into all of the enemies ahead of you and get yourself killed.

Step 7

You’ll now respawn back just before the fight, head back in and kill the captain again. Repeat this process until you get your legendary weapon in Outriders.

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