Raft Infinite Item Duplication Glitch

Raft is a challenging survival game that will have players prolonging their inevitable demise with various tasks. Such as growing potatoes and distilling water. One of the challenges players will face is shark attacks. Fortunately, instead of spending your time gathering resources and trying to survive, you can use this handy Raft infinite item duplication glitch to keep the shark at bay with infinite bait.

This Raft item duplication glitch will work on any difficulty, on single or multiplayer, and it’ll set you up to build the biggest raft you’ve ever created.

How to do the Raft infinite item duplication glitch

Step 1

To start off, you’re going to need to grab as many resources as possible. You’ll need to find a few of the same item to create a few stacks.

Spend the first portion of the game hooking in as many items as possible.

Step 2

Once you’ve gathered at least 2 full stacks of resources, pop one item from a stack in your hot bar, in the number 2 slot. For example, I have 12 wood in my inventory, and I put one of them in my hot bar.

Step 3

Go back into your inventory, pick up a full stack of a different item. For example I’ve chosen a stack of 17 Palm Leaves.

Step 4

While holding the item, hit the number 2 on your keyboard. My 17 Palm Leaves became 17 Wood.

The stack of items you originally picked up will now be sitting in your hot bar.

The possibilities are endless with this item duplication glitch. Each time you do this, you can double the stack of items and duplicate more each time.

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