Red Dead Online Money Glitch

Red Dead Online is big, some might say too big (those people are wrong). If, like me, you’re extremely low on $$$, then trying to make the $900 for that hat you love can seem like a daunting task. Fortunately, there’s an easy solution in the form of a Red Dead online money glitch. All you’ll need is a pelt (the more valuable the better) and your trusty steed. 
As of July 2020, this Red Dead Online money glitch is working and is extremely easy to do.

Setting up the Red Dead Online money glitch

  1. Start by joining a PVP series 
  2. Whilst that’s loading, hit your home button and scroll over to the Red Dead Redemption 2 community to find a random player online. 
  3. Once you’ve found someone, double tap your home button to go back to the PVP loading screen to make sure everything has loaded up properly. If it has, once again, double tap the home button, this will take you back to the player you found in the community earlier.
  4. Join their session
  5. You should now be in a freeroam game
  6. You’re going to want to find yourself a nice, big, expensive pelt to throw on the back of your horse
  7. Travel to a location that will buy pelts from you
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The glitch

  1. So you’ve got your pelt on the back of your horse and you’re in the vicinity of a pelt trader, it’s time for the real glitching to begin
  2. Make sure you’re on your horse
  3. Double tap your home button and click join session (the same session will pop up by default)
  4. Again, double tap your home button and join the session
  5. You’ll hear a noise to let you know you’re joining the session (you’re not)
  6. Your horse will disappear from under your legs
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Getting paid

  1. Give it about 10-15 seconds for the game to adjust before you call your horse
  2. If done correctly your horse should come galloping over with a pelt on its back and you should also have one on the floor next to you
  3. This can be repeated by simply jumping back on your horse, double tapping the home button and joining the session, two times in quick succession. Just like before!
  4. Sell the pile of pelts you’ve accumulated 
  5. Buy that $900 hat
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