Stardew Valley New Glitch Become a Millionaire in Seconds

Stardew Valley had one of the best item duplication glitches in recent memory. Straight off the bat, you could name yourself after a few different items, causing them to spawn in your inventory whenever an NPC said your name. Unfortunately, this Stardew Valley glitch was patched out, meaning players had no item duplication or Stardew Valley money glitch… Until now.

What is the new Stardew Valley money glitch?

The new Stardew Valley money glitch has nothing to do with the recently patched item ID glitch. In fact, it’s quicker, more effective, and it can be done at any point in the day. The old Stardew Valley item ID glitch was a slow process requiring you to talk to Gus on certain days in a specific time frame. Whilst, this Stardew Valley glitch nets millions of gold in literal seconds.

How to do the Stardew Valley money glitch


Ok, so the first thing you have to do here is simple. Run around chopping trees, pulling up crops, and just gather whatever you can to fill up your inventory. I started an entirely new save for this, but you can do it at any point in the game.


Now, go and chop down some trees. You’re going to need 50 wood to build a chest.


Using the 50 wood you just acquired, go ahead and build the chest.


Once you’ve crafted the chest, you’ll most likely have extra wood, and no space to put your chest. Throw the spare wood on the ground and pop your chest in the inventory.

Once you’ve done this you’ll want to place your chest in front of the box used for selling crops. Place it in the same place as the picture below. Although it shouldn’t matter where you put the chest, it will be a lot quicker if it’s placed here. You can now pick up the spare wood again.


Now pause the game and scroll over to your settings menu. Find ‘Use Controller-Style Menus’ and untick it.


You’re now all set to do the Item duplication/ money glitch. Put one item in the chest you build earlier. Once you’ve done that, you’re going to have to fill up your inventory again. Chopping down a tree usually gives useless seeds or some sap.


Now that your inventory is full and you have one item in your chest, go into the chest. Click on the item in the chest (I chose a leak,) and hover over the ‘Organise’ button on the right hand side of the menu. Click on the Organise button and hold it down, it will flash, and will begin to drop multiple clones of the item around your feet. (Just like the picture below.)


Now that you’ve clone all of these items, you’ll have to quickly pop one extra item in the chest. Note: If you don’t do this, all of your duplicated items will disappear!


You’re now positioned to leave the chest menu, face forwards and open the selling box in front of you. Click on the item you just duplicated and hold it down, this should quickly drop all of them in ready to be sold.


Run inside and get some shut eye. Note: The screen that tallies up the items sold that day will show that you didn’t actually sell anything. This is completely normal.


Once the new day begins, your money will update and you will have most likely just hit your first Million or two. Players trying to get the Trophy/ Achievements for getting 10 Million gold, will be able to nab it within a couple of mintes.

Other reasons to do this Stardew Valley glitch

Yes, this Stardew Valley glitch will make you ridiculous amounts of money in literal seconds. But, once you’re packed to the brim with gold, what else could it possibly help you with? The table below shows a few helpful ways to exploit this Stardew Valley glitch for more ways than just money making.

BenefitHow to do it
Quick Friendship LevelsAfter acquiring a Prismatic Shard, use the duplication glitch to spawn thousands of them. Prismatic Shards are a great way to grow friendship levels quickly, as everybody loves them (except Haley.)
Never Water Crops AgainAcquire one Iridium Sprinkler and then use the Stardew duplication glitch to spawn hundreds of them. Now , trategically scatter them all over your farm. You will never have to water your plants again.
Fill The Museum QuicklyGrab yourself a Geode or an Omni Geode from the mines, again, do the item duplication glitch, and then have Clint break them all open for you. You’ll pack out the Museum pretty quickly.
Upgrade Your House In A WeekGet yourself some Hardwood, do the glitch and then use it to pay Robin each time, she’ll upgrade your house to the max within a few days, as you’ll have the money and materials by now.

All working Stardew Valley glitches that work in 2020

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