Stardew Valley Table Duplication Glitch

Stardew Valley has seen many glitches and exploits over the years. The fact only one developer is keeping the game updated means we’re probably going to see a lot more in the years to come. For players that can’t do the item ID glitch anymore due to recent updates, the next best thing is the Stardew Valley table duplication glitch.

Easily get yourself millions of Prismatic Shards, or a thousand Geodes. This is a multiplayer item duplication glitch, but if you don’t have a friend, you can just as easily plug in a second controller and it will still work.

How to do the Stardew Valley table duplication glitch

Step 1

Stand in front of a table with your friend. This can be done with multiple players for more Stardew item duplicating.

Step 2

Have an empty slot selected in your inventory, or have a tool selected that can’t be placed on the table.

Step 3

Have your friend hold the item you wish to duplicate over their head.

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Step 4

Hover your cursor over the table ready to grab the item, now hold down the button to pick up the item. (X for PlayStation, Right Click for PC, A for XBOX).

Step 5

Have your friend place the item on the table, pick it back up, and place it again. As long as you’re still holding the button to pick the item up, the item will begin to duplicate. Continue doing this until you get as many duplicated items as you need.

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