The Sinking City Infinite Bullets and Items Glitch

The Sinking City is a slow grind built around finding clues, walking, crafting, and more walking. Although it can feel slow at times, this The Sinking City infinite bullets and items glitch will speed things up exponentially.

The Sinking City will reload all items once the players walks through a door that triggers a loading screen.

This means, any items that were collected previously, will load back in. We’ve found the best route to follow to spam this The Sinking City exploit for all it has.

The best thing about this The Sinking City glitch, is that it can be done ten minutes into the game.

How to do The Sinking City infinite bullets and items glitch

The Sinking City's Switch Version Includes Gyro Controls And Touchscreen  Functionality

Step 1

The first thing to do for this The Sinking City infinite bullets and items glitch, is to head to this location. It’s where the first case was, and should have the man in the white suit stood outside.

Step 2

Head inside, and begin looting the two or three containers that you see.

Step 3

Once you’ve looted the building, simply leave.

Step 4

Now that you’re back on the road, it’s time to head to the bar ‘Under the Keel’. It’s just up the road on your map.

Step 5

Once you arrive at Under the Keel, go inside. You’ll notice that a loading screen will start, this is where the Sinking City glitch begins.

For some reason, that loading screen just loaded in all of the items you picked up earlier.

Step 6

Loot everything in sight!

Step 7

Leave Under the Keel, and begin making your way back to the previous building.

Step 8

Loot the building again, head back to Under the Keel and enter to refresh all of the items.

Step 9

Rinse and repeat!

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