Valheim: How to Stop Players From Stealing Your Stuff

Valheim is a brand new survival game with a Viking twist. Players can jump into a server with 9 friends and take on the Nordic world. But, sometimes those 9 friends can disrupt the world. Imagine, you’ve had a long day of gathering Bone Fragments to upgrade your Wooden Club, when a friend sneaks into your chest and steals those fragments! Not cool, Alex! Fortunately, we know how to stop players from stealing your stuff, and to help you keep those Bone Fragments safe!

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How to stop players from stealing your stuff in Valheim

Step 1

In your new Valheim settlement, add a nice big room at the back.

Step 2

Inside the room, build a second wall along the back. This is your dummy wall.

Step 3

Now, in front of your dummy wall, put as many chests down as you can. These chests are the distraction.

Step 4

Fill those chests with useless items, such as dandelions, and thistles.

Image result for valheim dandelion

Step 5

Knock down one of the dummy walls and put a few chests behind it. Put your Bone Fragments, weapons, bronze, and anything valuable in these chests.

Step 6

Put the dummy wall back in place

Step 7

As an added bonus, put a sign on the front of the room and label it ‘STORAGE’. Your friends will be running in and out of that room, filling the chests, and taking from them. All without knowing that the best items are inches away from them.

Step 8

You could get away with some very sneaky chests hidden in different spots around your settlement without anybody knowing.

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