Valorant: How To Do The New Weapon Accuracy Glitch

In all FPS games, accuracy is the key mechanic. Get it right, and you’ll be top of the scoreboard. But, get it wrong and you’ll be shooting everything but your target.
Riot Games new title Valorant is currently experiencing an exploitable weapon accuracy glitch. It allows players to jump around and shoot without downshifting the accuracy of the gun.

How do you do the new Valorant weapon accuracy glitch?

Less of a glitch, more of an exploitable feature that has been looked over, this is extremely simple to do.

Usually when a player jumps, landing should make their shots incredibly inaccurate, making it fair for the opposition trying to shoot this jumping lunatic. Well, Valorant has overlooked this feature, letting you jump and shoot with no repercussions.

So how do you do the new Valorant weapon accuracy glitch? Jump around more when in gun fights!

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Will the accuracy glitch be nerfed?

Players are flooding the internet with videos of the unfair advantage when their enemy jumps around. Hundreds of Reddit users have stated accuracy after jumping must be nerfed.
It’s only a matter of time before the Valorant accuracy glitch is nerfed, so get in there and win some games while you can!

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