World Of Warcraft – Temple of Sethralis Exploit

As Shadowlands draws nearer and nearer, many players are grinding out mythic plus keys for their chance at the Awakened Mindborer mount for the current mythic season! To help you guys get the most out of Temple of Sethralis, we have compiled this short guide that will allow you to very easily secure a large chunk of dungeon trash percentage without much effort at all! So without further ado, here’s our Temple of Sethralis exploit!

Step One : Sort Out Your Route

With the in game Add-On ‘Method Dungeon Tools’ you can easily set up a route for your mythic plus dungeons in advance. But worry not, if you haven’t got the add-on yourself you can always take a quick look here for a rather standard route including the little exploit that we will be doing today during the next step!

Step Two: Use The Last Awakened Pillar!

Using this pillar strategically after completing the mini puzzle in the room to open the snake skull will allow you to bypass all the remaining adds on the bridge (marked in pink). That means you can go straight into the boss area and start the encounter.

You will not have the required % to finish the dungeon currently, but do not worry, we will be killing those pink adds very soon!

Step Three: Boss Buff

Next up, during the Avatar of Sethraliss encounter, you will have to heal the avatar up to full strength. You’ll have to do this whilst fighting three identical waves of enemies. However, here’s where the trick comes in! On the third wave of enemies, when the avatar is fully healed, you get a buff, pictured below.

Simply put, this buff makes you near immune to any damage whilst increasing your haste by 50%. Thus allowing you, and your party, to very quickly kill anything in your way!

Step Four: Execution

Finally to make the most of this buff you will need to progress the encounter exactly as normal, until phase three. Once the buff is placed on the group you want to stop all damage to the adds inside the encounter. Then, have a dps or healer run back through the encounter towards the last two packs of adds pulling them and then kiting them back into the boss room.

That player will still have the buff and therefore will take 90% less damage from any hits they take. Once everything is pulled back to the group you can simply burst it all down for around 17-22% of the dungeon and complete it in around 5-6 seconds!

However, it’s vital here that your tank does not leave the boss area or the encounter will end! You will lose the buff and also will need to repeat the entire boss encounter again!

That’s it for our Temple of Sethralis exploit! Have any questions? Drop us a message on Twitter, we always reply! For more exploits and glitches on your favourite games, jump over to this page. Or visit our YouTube channel.