3 New Secret Bunker Locations in Call Of Duty: Warzone

Secret Bunkers are a great way to get a bunch of stuff for free. However, Warzone has added 3 new secret locations that, this time, isn’t for the purpose of loot. If you’re looking for clues for the next Call Of Duty then check out these 3 secret bunker locations in Call Of Duty: Warzone! 

Secret Bunker 1 

One of the first new secret bunkers that has been added to Warzone is located in a barn in Farmland. Check out the marked map below for its exact location.

The access code that you’ll need to get in is: 49289163. In here you’ll find dials, codes, notebooks, computers, radios, as well as some useful items to get that win. Perhaps all of this is a hint to the next in the CoD series?

Secret Bunker 2

The next bunker is situated behind Boneyard. Head towards the strangely-shaped bunker that has three doors tucked in the side. You’ll want the door furthest southeast that has a trapped door to the left, go on in.

The access code to the door ahead is: 87624851. In this room you’ll find a red phone, a bust of Lenin, and books about Macro Economics. Wonder if the phone ever rings in this bunker? 

Secret Bunker 3

Here we are at the third and final secret bunker. You’ll find this one outside of prison in a little shack, as shown below.

The shack requires the code: 72948531. In here you’ll find an RC-XD frame on the desk and a piece of paper with more mysterious numbers on it. This may be familiar to you if you’ve played another popular CoD game… 

Well that’s our list of the 3 secret bunker locations in Call Of Duty: Warzone that you can use to potentially crack the code that is the new Call Of Duty game. This is undoubtedly a brilliant way to reveal a game! 

What do you think these secret bunker locations tell us about the new game? Why not let us know in the comments or on our Twitter page? And go check out our YouTube channel! 

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