All Working Fallout 4 Glitches In 2020

Bethesda games are packed with fun and game-exploiting glitches, and fans will be surprised as to how many working Fallout 4 glitches there are in 2020.
If you’ve played any Fallout game, you’ll know what a slog it is to level up, gain resources, and find caps. Well, using some of these trophy-friendly Fallout 4 glitches in 2020 will not only gain you more XP, but they’ll net you easier items, and they’ll make the game even more enjoyable. So why not take a break from trying to find your elderly son and try out some of these glitches.

1. Resource Duplication

Building settlements is a controversial topic in Fallout 4. Players either love it or despise it. Fortunately, if you’re the latter of the two, I have a Fallout 4 glitch still working in 2020, that will not only make building easier, but it’ll actually be enjoyable.

  1. Walk over and stand next to your workbench at any settlement (this is just for efficiency, it doesn’t affect the glitch)
  2. Drop the resource you want to duplicate (it will always double, if you start with 100, you’ll end up with 200, then 400 and so on)
  3. Go into workshop mode
  4. look at the resource on the ground and press Scrap, Accept and Store, not even half a second between (Keep your fingers on Accept and Store [X & Circle on PlayStation])
  5. If done right you’ll have both scrap and store windows open, like the picture below.
  6. If both windows pop up, let go of ‘X’ (Accept) first, if only one of the Scrap or Store window opens, let go of Circle first to cancel and try again!
  7. If does right, you will have scrapped and stored your resources, meaning you’ll have double sitting in the workbench.

2. Unlimited XP

  1. First of all, head to the Saugus Ironworks, head to the back room and then fight the boss sporting power armour
  2. Once he’s dead, head up the ramp and you’ll find a picket fence magazine (this will add the ability to craft statues)
  3. Head to a settlement that you’re not likely to use
  4. After using the ‘Resource Duplication’ glitch for as much copper as you can, start crafting statues everywhere!
  5. When you get to the point where you can’t craft anymore statues, walk over to a statue and repeatedly Scrap and Rebuild it.
  6. This process will skyrocket your XP.
Fallout 4: Glitch That Allows You To Make Unlimited XP

3. Unlimited Health

Ok, so this isn’t TECHNICALLY an unlimited health glitch, but it’s the closest working Fallout 4 health glitch in 2020.

  1. Get yourself over to a chemistry station (they can be found or crafted at any settlement)
  2. Find an item that gives health (I usually go for Refreshing Beverage) and now hover over the item underneath it. (You’ll need the ingredients for this item.)
  3. Hit the Cook button, followed by up on the left stick almost instantaneously.
  4. If done right, you’ll have crafted a +500 health consumable without wasting any ingredients
  5. Do this as many times as you need
Fallout 4 Build Tutorial: Vault Chemistry Station (PS4) - YouTube

4. Never Run Out Of Ammo

This Fallout 4 glitch is pretty simple and very useful, considering the ammo you need is always hard to come by.

  1. Head to Cabot House
  2. Once inside, tell your follower to wait (otherwise they’ll just get in the way)
  3. Run straight ahead through the door and downstairs
  4. There’s a closet once you make your way downstairs, go inside
  5. Shut the door behind you, crouch (so nobody detects you)
  6. Steal everything from the chest, the safe under the bed, and on top of the wardrobe
  7. Now leave the room, leave Cabot House, and fast travel far away (somewhere far like Vault 111)
  8. Once you’ve arrived, walk around for about 20 seconds
  9. Travel back to Cabot House
  10. All of the weapons and ammo have replenished
  11. Rinse and repeat!

5. Unlimited Caps

The most sought-after Fallout 4 glitch in 2020, is a working ‘Unlimited Caps’ glitch. The good news being that there is one, it’s easy to do, and you’ve already achieved it whilst following the ‘Duplicate Resources’ glitch.

  1. Open up your workshop
  2. choose a store (armour stores are worth the most)
  3. Follow the Scrap and Store steps in the ‘Duplicate Resources’ glitch
  4. Keep duplicating stores and you’ll have thousands of caps in your workbench

6. Infinite Settlement Size

Real simple one for you here. Is your settlement size maxed out? Do you need to add two more beds, but you don’t want to delete your monolithic 12 story apartment building? Good news! Simply drop any weapons you’re not using, switch into workshop mode, and store the weapons in the workbench. You’ll notice that each time you do this, your settlement size will go down. For maximum effect, Use the cap giltch, and then purchase endless amounts of weapons to drop at your settlement. You’re welcome!

Note: Scrapping bigger weapons like miniguns, launchers or rockets, will decrease the settlement size drastically!


7. Overlap Items While Building In Workshop Mode

Possibly the easiest Fallout 4 glitch in 2020. Ever find yourself trying to make a perfectly square building, but walls seem to have a mind of their own? Well, this Fallout 4 glitch will sort you right out!

  1. Go into your workbench
  2. Select a rugs and stack 3 or 4 rugs on top of one another (add more for extra height)
  3. Put an object (i.e a wall or jukebox) on top of your stack of rugs
  4. After moving the top rug you’ll see that it can be placed anywhere with the object still on top
  5. This is a great way to clip walls together when they wouldn’t usually fit

Fallout 4 exploits that still work in 2020 video

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