Borderlands 2 Unlimited XP Glitch

When you’re battling enemies in a cel-shaded wasteland, the more experience you have the better, right? Well we’ve got you covered with a Borderlands 2 Unlimited XP Glitch! Follow this guide to grab all the XP you need. Be warned though – it’ll need a bit of skill and possibly some practice to get it right.

Before starting, note that this method requires a bit of groundwork. Because this method relies on endlessly shooting a target, you need the Infinity Pistol.

Part One – Farming The Infinity Pistol

Step 1

First, you’re going to need to see Dr Zed in Sanctuary to unlock the mission ‘Medical Mystery’ which will let you start to farm the Infinity Pistol.

Step 2

Once you have the mission, head over to Three Horns Valley to take out Doc Mercy, potential holder of an Infinity Pistol. It may not happen immediately and you may need to try a few times, so if you don’t fancy playing the whole mission through and having to fight ALL his crew, try this method.

Step 3

Your first landmark is the Happy Pig Motel, so make your way there then turn around to face the toothy skull cave across the road. There’ll be a crater just in front of you.

Step 4

Now this may take a bit of repetition, so save at this point. Position yourself in the crater, just off-centre towards the cave. When the geyser erupts, launching you into the air, push forward to sail over to the ledge by the cave entrance.

Step 5

From your vantage point outside the cave you can take out Doc Mercy without having to wade through his minions. Once defeated, he should drop a legendary – hopefully the Infinity Pistol – so look for the orange light. If there’s no legendary drop, reload your save and take him out again. You may need to repeat this several times until you get the required drop.

Part Two – Unlimited XP Farming Glitch

Once you have the Infinity Pistol, you can start the job of farming those XP with our Borderlands 2 Unlimited XP Glitch!

Step 1

First of all, make sure you don’t have a grenade mod attached to your weapon (you need to be able to lob them for jumping purposes).

Step 2

Go to the Gun Shop and talk to Marcus to activate the Rock, Paper, Genocide: Fire Weapons! subquest, but you don’t need to enter the quest itself.

Step 3

Instead, head back outside and face the big ‘Gun$’ sign. From here, you need to make your way up around the rooftops to reach the glitch point.

Step 4

Look to your left and jump on the bench. Look left again and jump up onto the awning before hopping up onto the ledge above it.

Step 5

Turn right, walk along the ledge looking towards the ‘Gun$’ sign and leap diagonally off the corner to land on the roof ledge just to the right of the sign.

Step 6

Use the mattress to jump up onto the next ledge, shimmy around the chunk of wall to the right and continue along the ledge.

Step 7

Leap across the gap to the roof across the path and hop up the curved roof on the right hand end. If you jump onto the point of the curve (about halfway up) you should manage it with less chance of sliding off.

Step 8

Now for some grenade jumping, so watch the timing! Face the barred window, look down into the semi-circular hollow and drop a grenade in. After a couple of bounces, leap up to be propelled upwards by the grenade and land on the gabled roof.

Step 9

Sprint to the very end of the roof and make a big jump to the curved roof. If you slide off, just turn around and repeat the jump.

Step 10

Another grenade jump coming up! Stand in the groove of the roof and look left. Stand back to leave enough space for the grenade to bounce before it explodes, then lob it forward and run to catch the explosion to jump across to the next roof.

Step 11

Walk over the roof and look down into the black abyss. Don’t be scared – this is where you need to head down into, so hop down the ledges to enter the void.

Step 12

Point South East (a little to the right of where you dropped down) and you should be able to see a beacon tower just on top of the snowy crags. Head towards it.

Step 13

Once you reach the snowy rocks, turn left and walk up the slope until you get to a dark, square, rocky slab. Shuffle through the wall (it won’t block you) until you can see the back of the shooting range inside.

Step 14

Jump over the black gap so you don’t fall into oblivion and then move to the marker to trigger the target range. Once it’s running, set yourself up aiming at the unfortunate ‘target’ and start blasting.

Step 15

The target will refresh and the Infinity Pistol will keep firing forever, so grab your favourite rubber band/tape/putty button holding device and leave the game blasting away to rack up those XP while you go and live your best life!

And there we have it, our Borderlands 2 Unlimited XP Glitch! Let us know in the comments how you got on!

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