Breath of the Wild: Why Is It Still Being Hyped 3 Years Later?

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild. You may not have played it, but you’ve heard of it. The award-winning game is now three years old as of March 3rd 2021 but we’re still hearing about it everywhere. Why is it still being hyped over three years after its release?


Well, for starters, the game is gorgeous. Before you’ve even had a chance to leave the cave you wake in you are struck by its beauty. Link’s design is similar to the design from Twilight Princess but the attention to detail is considerably more lucrative in this more recent addition to the collection! It’s also very easy to tell the difference between the quality of image on newer consoles when you compare Breath of the Wild to the other games. It’s clear that we were waiting for so long so Nintendo could bring us a game on a console that can do it justice.

I’d say that the graphics alone is a good enough reason to try out the game. It’s also a good enough reason to have it as one of your favourites if you have! 


As with most great games, the primary reason for it being so great is of course the gameplay. Breath of the Wild is one of the most fun and engaging games that I’ve played in a very long time. The main factor contributing to this is the exploration element. Having this vast, seemingly undiscovered, mysterious world to peruse around in allows the player to get fully integrated into the game. The combat system is also incredible. It somehow finds the perfect balance between difficult and achievable while also moving and swinging logically and smoothly. Having the choice between an endless stream of weapons makes the combat malleable to whatever your preferences are.

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Another great aspect of the Breath of the Wild gameplay is the complete inability to be bored! Due to the puzzle system in the shrines and the collection aspect when it comes to ingredients and photo locations, there’s always something to do no matter your mood. You also have the side tasks of solving riddles, the abundance of side quests set by NPCs, and the menial challenges such as taking a photo with a Lynel. Perhaps my favourite part of Breath of the Wild is obviously the best part, the footstep sounds. Footstep sounds are a very underrated sound effect in gaming but when a game gets it right, they are winning


One of my personal favourite reasons to play Breath of the Wild is how relaxing the game is. You have the option to go into fights, try your luck at boss’, and go for the overall enemy. However, you also have the option to pick flowers, go for walks in Hyrule Field, gather ingredients and cook delicious meals, chop wood, buy a home, tame horses, and just spend as many hours as you’d like living a very chill life. Breath of the Wild is incredibly relaxing and can certainly act as a form of therapy. 

Breath of the Wild is one of those games that you can play from a completely unlimited amount of time. It has a form of gameplay that can appeal to every type of gamer. With undefined access and options, it’s no wonder people are still playing it! 

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