Call of Duty: Warzone Loadout Exploit

We all know ShadedStep‘s trick where you buy a loadout drop as early as possible. You start by getting your overkill guns, and then use the next loadout drop to get Ghost. But, what ShadedStep (the second best Warzone player in the world) doesn’t talk about, is the amount of times you’ll get sniped while grabbing your loadout. Well, with this Warzone loadout exploit, you’ll never be shot at when retrieving your class again!

How to do the Warzone loadout exploit

Step 1

Drop in as normal in either solos or with a team.

Step 2

Get enough cash together for a loadout.

Step 3

After you’ve bought your loadout, go inside any one story building, or two story building with access to the second floor.

Step 4

Drop the loadout marker in the safety of the building.

Step 5

When the box lands on the roof of your building, simply look up. You’ll be able to take time deciding on your class without the pressure of being sniped.

Warzone Loadout Exploit Video Guide

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