Call of Duty: Warzone Train Exploit

Back in Warzone season 5 (which was way back in August) we were given the train in Verdansk. The train does exactly what you’d expect it to do, it moves around the battle royale map, allowing players to hop on and off whenever they want. But recently, recon contracts have started appearing, leaving a huge Warzone train exploit, for players sneaky enough to do it.

If you’re looking to make 10-20k per player and find the final circle, you’re going to want to keep reading. With this Warzone exploit, you can learn where the final circle is going to be, way before the first circle has started moving!

How to do the Warzone train exploit

Step 1

Drop in with your team and land straight on the train. If the train is close to the flight path of the plane, your team is going to want to land on the same carriage. The train becomes a hot drop the closer it is to the flight path.

Step 2

Once you’re on the train, clear out any enemies that landed with you. Try to have a member of your team grab the recon contract. This should make your enemies less enthusiastic about fighting for an empty train.

Step 3

Here’s the kicker, after grabbing the recon contract, the location ALWAYS ends up on the train. Another great reason to do the recon on the train, is the flare that alerts other players doesn’t follow the train. It will shoot into the air, and then stay in the location you activated it.

Step 4

Now that you’ve finished your recon, I bet you’re wondering ‘how is this even an exploit?!’. Well, after around 60-90 seconds, another recon contract will appear in the exact same position on the train. So you can keep grabbing them, racking up money, and then figure out where the circle is going in the process!

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