Call of Duty: Warzone Unlimited Juggernauts Glitch

Looking to enhance your Modern Warfare abilities? Look no further; our latest Call of Duty: Warzone unlimited Juggernauts glitch, will help you dominate the battlefield. Drop as many Juggernauts that you want, and take control of the Warzone, as you and your friends get a suit each, and win with ease.

How to do the Call of Duty: Warzone Unlimited Juggernauts Glitch

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Step 1

First of all, you’ll need to know how to access the Subway Easter Egg room. It’s not a difficult room to access and there are plenty of guides online as to how to access this area. Once you’re in here, you’re going to want to find a Juggernaut and a Score Streak.

Step 2

Once you’ve accessed these items, you’ll need to find the Advanced UAV. This next step will take some good timing. Try to pick up the UAV whilst activating the Juggernaut at the exact same time. Ideally, what will happen is that you’ll pull out and throw a canister at the same time as you place the Juggernaut on the ground. This will activate the glitch.

Step 3

If you’re able to time this at the right time, you’ll be able to throw multiple juggernauts, maybe even a dozen per minute. Also, this glitch is unlimited between you and your teammates, meaning you can now access as many juggernauts as you wish within your team. Use them wisely as this exploit is extremely powerful!

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