Cities Skylines NO TAX Living!

Cities: Skylines is a brilliant city-building game where you’re essentially a mayor in charge of EVERYTHING. From roads to train lines, from companies to residential housing, you manage it all. With this in mind, what’s the worst part of being part of a community? Taxes? Yes I completely agree with you and, although necessary, they suck to have to pay! Well time to (kind of) do your citizens of your Cities: Skylines city a favour and get rid of those taxes for good! Well, kind of. This is a bit of a skeevy scheme but that’s why we love it! Here’s our Cities Skylines no tax guide!

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Step 1 – No Taxes! 

So, quite obviously, the first thing you’re going to want to do is bring down the taxes of every line of income right down to 1%, since that’s the lowest it can go. Congratulations! You now have a town that charges it’s residents NO TAX! What an ideal place to live! 

Step 2 – Some tolls? 

Ah, now your city is going bankrupt… It must be time for that skeevy little plan I’ve been going on about! So first thing’s first, identify the main route in and out of your city. Now place two tolls on the road in, and two tolls on the road out. Crank that charge up to 2 cells for cars and 4 cells for heavy vehicles. Now for every vehicle that enters your city, they’ve got to pay!

Step 3 – MORE tolls

Now you’re going to need residential areas, parks, buildings, shops, everything you would expect in a city. So now you’re going to want to place everything into its own little zone. For example, all the houses in one little area, all the shops in another little area, etc. These zones should only have one main road in, and one main road out. 

TOLL IT UP! Put a toll in the entrance and exit of EVERY zone you create. Now your residents are being charged every time they leave their home without even realising! 

Step 4 – Money from tolls! 

Now you’re making bank! You’re probably the best city in the world because you don’t charge a single penny in tax yet you’re receiving an extortionate amount in HIDDEN tax. Lots of people are going to move in quite fast because, like I said, there’s no tax. And every single time someone moves in they have to go through at least 2 toll services, and once they’re moved in, they’ll be going through 4-6 just to get to work or the shops! Let’s hope real cities don’t think of this, just keep an eye out for tolls when you’re looking for a place to live. 

Would you live in this TAX FREE city?! No, me neither. But let us know if you try this Cities Skylines no tax exploit out in your play through and tell us how it goes by either commenting below or heading to our Twitter page! 

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