Cities: Skylines Toll Booth Money Exploit

When growing your city, it’s important to get money in as fast as possible. There are loads of ways to do this, however, you may not have thought of this one. Our Cities Skylines toll booth money exploit is a neat little trick; maximise your earnings by wringing as much money out of travellers as possible!

Toll Booth Money Is Good Money

The game’s AI doesn’t account for toll roads.That is to say, the price of the toll won’t put off travellers.

Traffic jams may form leading up to the toll. No matter how many toll roads you put down, travellers will still go to work and visit your city.

If you are feeling really devious, you can create a small circuit that is jam packed with toll booths. This means every resident that passes along the circuit will pay multiple tolls in one trip.

For some rough figures; having about 30 toll booths in one circuit, with a population of 10k can net you just over 5k a week. That is a pretty good profit, for almost no work!

Trapped By Toll Booths

Each individual toll booth doesn’t make a lot of money, but the little each makes can really add up if you have a few dozen. A great way to do this is having a circuit of one-way streets to maximise travel distance for your residents.

You’re not going to be able to fund your whole city off the back of this exploit, but it is a nice little earner. This Cities Skylines toll booth money exploit will make your experience a little easier; so get out there and put this often overlooked feature to work.

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