Classic Gaming Returns Coming This Year

Many legendary games from mainstream classics to underground cult gems have been remastered and re-released over the years. Thankfully, the list of classics doesn’t end at SpyroCrash BandicootDestroy All Humans! and more. Here are five upcoming classic gaming returns set to release in 2021!

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition

Mass Effect: Legendary Edition' coming Spring next year

Mass Effect has proven itself to be a timeless classic through several iterations and sequels since the original released in 2007. Renowned for being one of the most important every-choice-effects-everything games of the past decade and a half, Mass Effect sees you command galactic commanders as they navigate vast galaxies, intimate social circles and domineering interstellar politics. The series has stood the test of time and has retained its critical acclaim thanks to a captivating and complex narrative, enticing characters and diverse action/RPG gameplay. This special release will include the original Mass Effect trilogy as well as over 40 DLC spanning the three games. Legacy Edition is set to be released May 14th and will be available for PC and current and next-gen consoles.

Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection

Team NINJA on Twitter: "To celebrate the reveal of NINJA GAIDEN: Master  Collection, The development team have created the "Dragon Ninja" skin,  which players can use to transform themselves into Ryu Hayabusa

Return to the Vigoor Empire as Team Ninja unite their iconic Ninja Gaiden series into one neat collection. The Master Collection will include the original, brutal and addictive trilogy, Sigma, Sigma 2 and Razor’s Edge, whilst also including a heap of extras including DLC from the originals and a range of playable characters. Treat yourself to the Deluxe Edition and you’ll also have access to a digital artbook and an extensive soundtrack featuring over 180 pieces of music from the series. Despite its notorious difficulty, Ninja Gaiden firmly remains an epic fan-favourite, filled to the brim with intense, lightning speed showdowns, a slick and sublime Japanese aesthetic and plenty of bonus challenges, making it the perfectly addictive “oh go on then, just one more try” arcade-style blood-fest. Ninja Gaiden: Master Collection is set to release June 10th.

New Pokemon Snap 

New Pokémon Snap game will be released on Nintendo Switch - Polygon

Pokemon Snap largely lived a life of reclusiveness, destined to become an obscure forgotten gem in the vast range of experimental Pokemon games. Released in 1999 for the N64, Snap is an on-rails first-person shooter, however, in place of lethal weaponry, you’re armed with a camera. Reporting to Professor Oak, you’re tasked with heading into the wild and photographing as many rare and wild pocket monsters as you can find, luring them out of hiding with fruit and stunning them so you can get the perfect shot (it’s not as cruel as it sounds… we think…) New Pokemon Snap is a return to this unusual but adorable, wholesome and glee-inducing concept, truly celebrating the legacy of Pokemon through observing their inspiringly minimal simplicity yet detailed and beloved behaviours. You’ll take to the Lental region where you’ll be tasked with expanding your compendium of Pokemon in their natural element. New Pokemon Snap is set to release on April 30th exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles

The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles is coming to PC, says yet another leak |  Rock Paper Shotgun

Fittingly marketed on the official website asking us to ready our “pointer” fingers, one of Capcom’s most adored non-action heroes returns, only this time, we won’t be playing as the protagonist we know and love. The Great Ace Attorney is set before Phoenix Wright’s tales as a defense attorney and sees us take control of aspiring lawyer Ryunosuke Naruhodo, who happens to be an ancestor of Wright. If you’re unfamiliar with the iconic series and are wondering how on earth a game of legal battles could be made fun in any capacity, rest assured that you’ll be joined by an array of weird characters (one is called Herlock Sholmes, seriously) and the cases aren’t your standard divorce proceedings. Take a step back in time to early 1900’s Japan and Britain to investigate crime scenes, interview suspects and satisfyingly interrupt court hearings by screaming “OBJECTION!” when you spot a plot hole in a statement. The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles unites Adventures and Resolve for the Switch, PS4 and PC with new bonus features if you pre-order, which is set to be released July 27th.

Toy Soldiers HD

Toy Soldiers HD, Toy Soldiers: Cold War HD, and Toy Soldiers 2: Finest Hour  all coming to Switch | GoNintendo

Celebrating its 10th-anniversary last year, this classic hybrid game of strategy and action is set to release its remaster sometime in 2021. The game which saw players tactically guide armadas of, you guessed it, toy soldiers through WW1-inspired landscapes was critically acclaimed for its inventive playfulness and applied utilisation of toy tropes, seeing locations built of plastic take place on the floors of children’s bedrooms, lounges and other homely and nostalgic settings. Players control both the tactical sieges of the frontline battles whilst also helming machine guns and vehicles, amplifying the games’ versatility and activity. The remastered HD edition claims to include new content, difficulty settings, an improved camera and improved controls. Toy Soldiers is fully deserving of this textural TLC and is set to obsess a wave of new fighters on the Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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