Different Ways To Play Minecraft

So pretty much everyone has played Minecraft at some point in their gaming lifespan, right? But everyone stops at some point too. Despite how great of a game it is, it’s possible to run out of steam fairly easily! If normal Creative Mode and normal Survival Mode just aren’t cutting it anymore, it’s time to try something new. Here’s a few different ways to play Minecraft for when your creative juices stop flowing! 

Try Minecraft Dungeons!

Unfortunately, we aren’t sponsored by Mojang… So this is a legitimate recommendation! As someone who grew up playing traditional Minecraft, the idea of Minecraft Dungeons was anything but appealing. But give it a go! It’s actually a surprisingly great game! You get to level up, search for hidden areas, all while slaughtering villagers (we know you’ve thought about it). If you’re playing on PC it can be a bit strange at first when playing with mouse and keyboard. Eventually I found it way more fun than playing with a controller, so why not give that a shot too? It may not be the Minecraft you’re used to but it’s a fun way to get back into a Minecraft-mindset! 

A Capped Creativity Minecraft World

It sounds strange, I know. The whole idea of this is to follow build tutorials on YouTube and make your own world! For example, I took a whole bunch of medieval-themed tutorials and filled a flat world (not all of it, of course) with medieval creations. One of the builds was a massive castle (find the tutorial here) which, even on creative, took almost 20 hours! I built a little fairy land next to it by following a range of mushroom house tutorials and surrounding them with trees and lanterns to make it look magical. This little kingdom didn’t require me to think of anything by myself but still felt so cathartic and creative! I definitely recommend it if you love to play Minecraft creative but don’t want to just make random tutorial creations or think of anything by yourself. 

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Creative-Survival Mode

This is a fairly common one but since it’s been over 10 years and I’d only just tried it, I thought maybe some of you could use a decent push to this too! You can probably guess it, but you’re going to follow a tutorial while playing survival! You’ll be finding and collecting the materials and building the build while trying to keep yourself alive and managing where everything goes. This is relatively difficult but I recommend starting with a fairly easy survival base (check this one out) and work your way up to harder builds! My main tips here would be to focus on the basic or least-needed materials first, organise storage so that you have a chest dedicated to just materials for the build, and make sure you have blocks put aside just for scaffolding – like dirt! 

Hopefully this has inspired you to get back to building in time for Christmas! Now you know what you can do when your creative juices stop flowing in Minecraft, which one are you going to try first?! 

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