Efficient Ways to 100% Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity

So, you’ve finished the main story of Age of Calamity, got the secret ending, and maybe even unlocked the entire character roster! Now what? Maybe you’re looking to 100% complete the game. Without further ado, here are a few efficient ways to 100% Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity just that bit quicker!

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Use The Sheikah Sensor!

The Sheikah Sensor is a HUGE help in finding the materials or ingredients you need to complete your tasks efficiently. Even if you’ve already done the missions and trainings which the sensor is pointing you towards, you can use it as an opportunity to grab any remaining Korok seeds and chests. You can also play in different difficulties to challenge yourself or go for ‘Easy’ mode if you just want to get the mission over and done with. You’ll also level up the characters you are playing as if you haven’t already done so. That’s the power of multi-tasking!

Complete The Easy Tasks First!

If there’s a side quest that only requires items that are easily obtainable from merchants, go for these first! It will lift some weight of your shoulders and make the journey ahead a little less overwhelming. Terrako gladly helps you with this from time to time, pointing at tasks that are the quickest to complete, clearing some of those glaring orange side quests off your map!

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‘Give Orders’ During Missions!

If you’re playing missions and trainings that are longer in duration or have a larger battlefield with multiple outposts and chests marked on the map, press + and choose a character who you are not playing as at that point and send them to a specific location on the map. At that point, when you switch back to them, you can fly through the mission more smoothly. Not only will this save time from travelling to key locations, but it will also allow you to level up multiple characters at once as they’ll all be gaining EXP from battles!

Choose Your Lowest Levelled Characters For Missions!

If you can’t take your lowest levelled character because they don’t meet the level requirements for the mission, try taking one that could still do with some levelling up anyway. Whilst it’s tempting to pay to level them up at the Military Training Camp, it’s going to cost A LOT of rupees, which you’ll need for buying materials, fusing weapons and some side quests. By taking your lowest levelled characters, you’ll be gaining them free EXP and saving those much-needed rupees! Once you’ve completed side quests that require rupees and upgraded your weapons to your desired amount, then you may splash out the cash at the Training Camp!

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Use Cooked Meal Buffs!

Using multiple cooked meals is a great way to make the most out of your missions! Key buffs that will help you to 100% faster are: Increased% EXP, Increased% Rupees and Increased% Material Drop Rate. Of course, the bigger the percentage, the better. If you find that you’re out of ingredients, make sure to use the Sheikah Sensor to find merchants that sell them! However, if you’re looking to save rupees, try using weapons that have similar buffs infused if you have them!

Were these efficient ways to 100% Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity tips helpful? Have any other tips you want to share?

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