Fallout 76 Unlimited Items and Caps Exploit

Despite a diverse critical reception, Fallout 76 still has a large and active fan base playing regularly! If you’re one of them and are looking for the best ways to gather more Caps, check out this Fallout 76 unlimited items and caps exploit.

How to do the Fallout 76 unlimited items and caps exploit

Step 1

This is a farm method to earn unlimited items through an easy unpatched glitch.

Before you begin the exploit, make sure you have plenty of wood at your disposal and a trap or two. Then, head to Wade Airport.

You can find this area in The Forest of Appalachia. Surrounding the airport will be small towers that you can access. They’ll be filled with wooden crates and boxes, and these crates will be filled with junk, junk with a small Cap value, however.

Wade Airport | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Step 2

Place a trap down. The upwards range attack of the trap will be the important factor here. On top of the trap, now stack as many boxes as you can on top of it. This can get a little fiddly, but as long as you have a few boxes stacked, you’re good to go.

Wade Airport | Fallout Wiki | Fandom

Step 3

Take a step back and activate the trap! The trap will contain all of the items within the crates. Simply enter the trap menu, take everything from the crates, and then reactivate the trap and then repair it. This will replenish both the trap and the crates, and all of the items inside. Rinse and repeat this step to harvest a ton of items! Although not the quickest method, it sure is easy. Take these unlimited items somewhere to sell and come back whenever to loot more items!
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