GTA Online Car Duplication Glitch

You can never have enough money in GTA Online. If you want the latest cars, property, and clothes, you’re going to have to get to work. Or… you could duplicate some of your more expensive cars and sell them using the GTA Online car duplication glitch.

How to do the GTA Online car duplication glitch

Step 1

You’re going to go to options and scroll over to settings, and change your targeting mode to free aim.

Step 2

Click on Options again, and head over to the Online tab, click Play GTA Online, and then click Invite Only Session.

Step 3

Get the car you want to duplicate. It’s worth mentioning that even though the steps are similar to an old glitch, this is an after patch glitch, so follow the next steps very closely, as they do differ slightly.

Step 4

You’ll need the car you want to duplicate to be in a bunker, and you’ll need to make sure your jobs are ON. 

Step 5

Order an Elegy RH8 to your facility. 

Step 6

Move the car you want to duplicate to this exact position and then leave your bunker.

Step 7

Head back in to your bunker

Step 8

Get back in your car and drive it to the mobile operations centre.

Step 9

Get back in your car again, and hold the accelerate button.

Step 10

You’ll appear back in Bay 01, drive your car in reverse over to this location, and park up.

Step 11

Get out of your car, ensuring that you leave the door open. Now leave your bunker again.

Step 12

Once you’re out, register as a CEO. 

Step 13

Now, head over to your facility, side note, don’t use personal vehicles. Using the CEO Buzzard is the easiest way.

Step 14

Go to options, scroll over to online, select Criminal Enterprise Starter Pack,

click on All Vehicles, click on it and then spam circle.

Step 15

You’ve now bugged the game

Step 16 

Head over to this guy at reception, press right on the dpad and then spam circle again. 

Step 17

Go over to the other receptionist, and then join somebody with a different target mode to you.
You’ll be met with two pop-ups, click yes on the first, and no on the second. 

Step 18

Click options, head over to the map and try joining a mission close to your bunker. You’ll then be met with a screen saying the job is no longer available. Simply click the right dpad, wait 5 seconds and hit accept. 

Step 19

You’ll pop out of the screen and have a menu in the top left corner. Press options,and try joining the exact mission you tried joining before. 

When the screen asking if you want to start this join pops up, hit accept, but spam cancel straight away.

Step 20

Finally, you’re going to head over to your Elegy, hop in, and again join somebody with a different targeting mode to you. Wait 5 seconds and then hold down R2 (accelerate).

Step 21

While holding R2 click X and then click Circle. This is because pop up messages that used to appear before the patch still appear, but the patch has made it so you can’t see them.

Step 22

Let go of R2 and click X, your character should leave the car. Eventually your character will spawn in a random location. You’ll now want to head to your bunker. Again, don’t use personal vehicles, the best option again would be to use the CEO Buzzard.

Step 23

Once in your bunker, jump into the car you want to duplicate, drive it into the mobile operations center, you’ll be met with a message saying you don’t have the storage space. Send the car you’re in to your Facility. Now drive out of the operations center, and drive out of your bunker.

If you did everything right, your mechanic should show that you have the car at the Facility, meaning you can just go sell the one you’re in right now for a big chunk of cash.

GTA Online car duplication glitch video tutorial

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