GTA V: Easy RP Exploit

Grand Theft Auto 5 isn’t exactly a newcomer to exploits, money glitches or game breaking bugs. The latest quick trick, found by a keen member of the community, is an easy RP exploit that can net you 400 RP every 40-50 seconds. 


Make sure you own the Mobile Operations Centre, or MOC for short. It’s that beast of a truck displayed in our thumbnail.

You can purchase the MOC from the Warstock Cache & Carry for a cool $1,225,000.

How To Do The GTA V: Easy RP Exploit

Step One : Fort Zancudo

You will find Fort Zancudo in Blaine County, San Andreas on the outskirts of the Lago Zancudo swamps, at the base of Mount Josiah.

Head to Fort Zancudo with your MOC.

Park your MOC facing away from the base and position yourself as close as you can to the position pictured above. 

We found there is a bit of leeway in the exact positioning so don’t worry about getting it pixel perfect!

Step Two: Alert the Guards

Walk up to the fence and alert the army base. Wait for a few seconds to make sure that you gain your wanted level and that you are being pursued. 

Step Three: Hop to Safety

Once you have waited a few seconds and are sure that you have your army base wanted level, simply hop into your MOC and you will notice you have been rewarded 400RP for escaping the military successfully. 

All you need to do now is hop back out, and you can go right back to Step Two.

This easy RP exploit isn’t exactly the most entertaining, but it’s currently a quick way to gain easy RP and at a much faster rate than any mission in the game. 400 RP might not sound like a lot but once you get used to the timings you will find you can rack up a very large amount of RP very quickly using this method!

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