How To Do The New Stardew Valley MOBILE Item Duplication GLITCH

Stardew Valley has had so many updates to wipe out the glitches and exploits we love. Some of those glitches let us spawn in items whenever somebody said our name, whilst others let us swing a sword until we fell out of bounds. Annoyingly, a lot of the Stardew Valley item duplication glitches didn’t transfer well to mobile. Leaving Stardew Valley mobile fans feeling left out. Fortunately, we’ve got the easiest Stardew Valley mobile item duplication glitch for you guys today, and all you need is 5000 gold to do it. So sell those starter turnips, and strap in. 

How to do the Stardew Valley Mobile Item Duplication Glitch

Step 1

Get yourself 5000 gold, if you’ve just started a new world, I’d recommend planting and buying new turnips and then just sleep, wake up, water your turnips, sleep wake up, and water your turnips, until you have the money. 

Step 2

Head to Robins house, WAIT FOR AGES for her to open, and then go and buy the Oak Dresser, you can actually use any dresser for this, but I’m pretty sure the Oak Dresser is the first that becomes available. Side note here, Robin doesn’t start selling the Oak Dresser until at least day 7, or at least that’s how it worked out for me. 

Step 3

Once you’ve got your dresser, head back to your Stardew Valley farm.

Step 4

Pop your dresser down and ready the item you wish to duplicate. 

Step 5

Connect a controller to your mobile for this bit as you’re going to want to do some scrolling

Step 6

These next few steps need to be done exactly the right way, so pay close attention. Click on the dresser to open the dresser menu

Step 7

 In the top left corner click the inventory button (do this by tapping it with your finger).

Step 8

Using your controller scroll over to the item you wish to duplicate and click on it, the item will be greyed out but you can still click on it (it’s A for an xbox controller and X for PlayStation) 

Step 9

Back out of the inventory menu, you’ll then be taken back to the dresser menu, and you’ll see that your item is IN the dresser.

Step 10

Click on the item to take it out of the dresser, you’ll now get double back from the dresser. For example if you put 1 in the dresser you’ll get two back, if you put 30 in there, you’ll get 60 back. Keep doing this Stardew Valley mobile item duplication glitch until you get loads of your desired item.

Step 11

You can also do this process another way, that makes it even quicker. Although, sometimes the duplicated items will disappear.
When you’re doing step 8 (scrolling to the item you wish to duplicate, and clicking it) simply scroll to it, and click it again, and then scroll to it again, and click it again. Repeat this as many times as you want. When you back out to the dresser menu, you’ll have more than doubled your items this time round.

Stardew Valley Mobile Item Duplication Glitch Video

Need more help with this Stardew item duplication glitch? Watch our video guide below!

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