How to Duplicate Any Item in Valheim Glitch

Valheim released on February 2nd, and with it came over 13,000 overwhelmingly positive reviews. The fact it’s so new, means there are plenty of juicy, delicious glitches for us to exploit the game with. Like learning how to duplicate any item in Valheim. We also have a sneaky little exploit on how to take metals through portals.

This item duplication glitch in Valheim is incredibly simple to do, and only really requires you to crash the game.

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How to Duplicate Any Item in Valheim

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1. Making Friends

The first thing you’ll need to do to duplicate any item in Valheim, is to join a friends game. You could also join a random players game. But, this is going to have you leaving and coming back at one point, so you’re going to want full control over the game. If possible, join a friend.

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2. Quiet Time

Wonder off on your own and find a secure building. Make sure there aren’t any other players in your vicinity, for two reasons. The first being, they could be sneaky and steal from you. Secondly, the location won’t be affected by the glitch if somebody is stood with you.

It might also be worth checking the area for monster nests. It would be extremely frustrating to come back to all of your items being smashed by Greylings.

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3. Chests

Once you’ve found a lovely tranquil location for your Valheim duplication glitch, pop down some chests. If you’re looking to get really greedy and duplicate hundreds of items in Valheim, then it might be worth putting down 5 or 6 chests.

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4. Stock Check

Now you’ve got your chests down, it’s time to fill them with items. Below is a list of items we’d recommend duping.

  • Pickaxe
  • Wood
  • Stone
  • Armour
  • Copper
  • Weapons
  • Food

If you duplicated most of these items in Valheim, you’d almost be creeping into god mode territory. Infinite items such as food, armour, and weapons, will make you an unstoppable viking force!

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5. Break The World

It’s now time for the most important step… You’ll need to force your game to crash. Although this sounds counterintuitive when you’ve just spent ages putting all of your items in a chest. This is the part that is going to duplicate your items in Valheim.

Below, we have a list of ways players can cause Valheim to crash in order to duplicate items.

  • Open the Task Manager (CTRL, ALT, DELETE) and click around until Valheim crashes.
  • Open a second game using another platform such as Origin.
  • Open multiple tabs in your browser, and play YouTube videos on all of them. (Here’s a great YouTube channel to try that with).
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6. Duplicated Items in Valheim

Now that you’ve crashed the game, head back to your friends world. Once you’ve loaded in you’ll notice that you’ve duplicated all of your items.

You can do this as many times as you want to build up unlimited resources. Now go and build the biggest building possible!

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