How to Find the SHIELD Cache in Marvel’s Avengers

The one mission that really slowed my progress in Marvel’s Avengers was the Vault Mission. I really had trouble finding the SHIELD Cache but now that I have, I’m going to be nice and share it with my fellow Avengers.

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Keep reading below to learn how to find the SHIELD Cache in Marvel’s Avengers.

Step One: Finding the SHIELD Cache

To initiate the Vault Mission you first need to find a SHIELD Cache secretly hidden in a few of the War Zone missions.

The easiest one to locate is found in the mission Stark Realities. This is one of the core missions of the game and will always be there for you to play.

The SHIELD Cache is located in a hidden bunker, located somewhere in the mission. The location of the bunker is always the same. So once you know how to get there you can show your friends too.

Step Two: Follow the Radar

After loading into the mission you are going to want to head straight forward. After a short run/flight/leap you will come across a small chasm with a bridge (pictured above).

Go under the bridge and keep going straight until you climb out of the chasm. From here you need to keep going forward past a few cars towards a forest area (pictured below).

Around this area is where you should see a Radar pop up in the top left of your screen. This Radar will guide you to the bunker. If you’ve been following my directions up to now this should be forward and slightly to the left, the Radar will help you pinpoint the exact location.

Step Three: Open the Cache

Once you’ve found the bunker, interacting with it will open it up with a (very cool) animation, revealing a set of stairs going down.

Enter the bunker and you will usually find a few standard chests and one SHIELD Cache that will grant you  a Vault Resource.

And that’s it! With the Vault Resource in hand you can pause and Return to Quinjet, to pursue the now unlocked vault or you can finish off the Stark Realities mission which provides you some pretty good loot and XP- totally up to you!

Did our SHIELD Cache in Marvel’s Avengers guide help you finally find that hidden bunker? Did you enjoy the bunker animation as much as I did? Whatever the case drop us a comment below with any questions and we’ll be sure to get back to you.

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