How To Get The ‘Hard to the Core’ Achievement Easily In Little Nightmares

The ‘Hard to the Core’ achievement requires you beat the game in under an hour without dying. It’s a tall order for even the most experienced players. There aren’t enough exploits in the world to make this easy, but we can certainly lower the bar a bit. Read on to find out how to die without dying.

Go Offline

This works on Xbox One and may work for other consoles and PC, but we’ve not tested it out. There’s no way around the incredibly tight time restriction, but you can get around deaths. Play offline so that the game saves locally.

Save Online

Once you’ve gone through a chapter without dying, go back online before you enter the next chapter. This will make a clean save of your run in the cloud.

Desteiny 2 Recovery

Go Back Offline

Once the cloud save has been made, go back to playing offline. If you die or don’t complete a chapter fast enough, you can delete the local save and download the clean cloud save. Now you can begin with the chapter you’re on instead of starting the whole game again.

You’ll still need some major skill to pull off the ‘Hard to the Core’ achievement, but now you don’t have to do it all in one go. Now get out there and complete Little Nightmares in 5 bitesize chunks!

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