How To Use Elemental Rods in Hyrule Warriors: Age Of Calamity

One of the best things about Age of Calamity is its combat variety which can encourage you to make use of your surroundings. Elemental rods are one of the most powerful tools to use against enemies, but only when done effectively! Here are some tips on how to use them to improve your combat!

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Fire Rods 

These rods are useful against ice enemies since it’s the opposite element! For example, using a Fire Rod on an Ice Moblin will expose its damaged weak-point gauge that will make it easier to defeat.

Note: before you use ANY rod, you must aim it at the desired target and make sure its circle expands!

They are useful on areas with grass so be sure to save some ammo for missions on Hyrule’s grassy plains! You can also use them on explosive barrels and wooden boxes, but stand back when doing so! 

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Ice Rods 

Like Fire Rods, Ice Rods are useful against fire enemies and cause similar effects! Taking them to missions in the Eldin region is worth considering! They are highly useful in areas and missions with puddles or large bodies of water. If you see a bunch of enemies standing in a lake, go ahead and freeze them!

Electric Rods

These rods are also highly sensitive to bodies of water, but only Electric Rods take effect during rainy weather. This is useful for missions in and around Zora’s Domain where it rains a lot! Instead of using Magnesis on those metal boxes, try using this rod to damage more enemies faster!

Were these tips useful? What other combat strategies did you have with the elemental rods?

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