Minecraft Dungeons Easy Unlimited XP and Emerald Afk Glitch

Minecraft Dungeons is finally here. And while players are getting stuck in, we’re all wondering the same thing, are there any Minecraft Dungeons unlimited XP glitches?!

Fear not reader, as we have the ultimate Minecraft Dungeons unlimited XP afk Glitch for you, and it is VERY easy!

What will you need?

  • An Iron Golem
  • A dog or Llama
  • Armour with Thorns and Final Shout

How to do the Minecraft Dungeons unlimited XP afk glitch!

Step 1

Start the ‘Pumpkin Pastures’ quest. It’s best to do this one level lower than your recommended power level.


Step 2

Make it to the castle area that requires you to flip two levers, the current objective should say ‘lower the drawbridge 0/2’


Step 3

Stand in the location as shown in the picture below, and pop out your Iron Golem and Dog or Llama.


Step 4

Go afk. Everything will be in place, your followers will destroy the enemies, your Thorn Amour will protect you, and Final Shout will reactivate everything, ignoring cooldown limits.


Step 5

For maximum efficiency, we recommend doing this with either a friend or second controller with an account that has the same items required for the glitch.

It’s better to have a second account going afk as well, as sometimes Skeletons like to hide in the corner. This slows down the process or even grinds it to a halt as your followers won’t be able to find them.

A second player will stop this issue by covering a wider surface area, stopping those pesky little skele bois from running away… Cowards.


Step 6

Crack open a beer (or a Coke depending on your age) and watch your level rise!

beers outer space Moon Earth funny spaceships relaxing Carlsberg ...

Side note: If you’re on Xbox One, it might be useful messing around with your settings to make sure your controller doesn’t turn off after a while of inactivity.

Have any questions? Find me on Twitter @LiamABartlett or @GamingExploits. You can also hit the comments below, or email me.

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