New GTA Online After Patch God Mode Glitch

Grand Theft Auto 5’s online mode has many things. Flying bike races, rayguns, hired hit men, and creepy aliens alien costumes to name a few. And now, thanks to this new GTA Online after patch god mode glitch, it now has unlimited health.

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How to do the new GTA Online after patch god mode glitch

Step 0

For this solo god mode glitch, before doing anything, head over to the Arena, as shown on the map below.

Step 1

While in a GTA Online match, go to the menu. Now scroll over to the online tab, go down to ‘options‘, and set ‘matchmaking‘ to ‘closed‘.

Step 2

Now, go ahead and set your spawn location to last location.

Step 3

Set remain hose after next job vote screen to on.

Step 4

Leave the main menu, and load up your interaction menu. Now, scroll down to hide options and click it.

Step 5

Set all of the jobs, events, and other to hide.

Step 5.5

Make sure you aren’t registered to SecuroServ, and you’re not currently in a motorcycle club. If you are, there’s a high chance that this will completely ruin the glitch.

Step 6

Give Ron a call, and request a job from him.

Step 7

Head over to the ticket booth, just outside the Arena.

Step 8

Once the option to press right on the dpad to buy a ticket pops up. Don’t press it! Instead, accept the job from Ron.

Step 9

When the job loads up, quit out of it AND START SPAMMING RIGHT ON THE DPAD!

Step 10

Keep spamming! You’ll be met with a dialogue box asking if you’d like to enter the spectator box. Continue spamming for at least 60 seconds.

Step 11

Finally, click A or X (depending on console) to accept the dialogue option. The game should take your $10 and drop you outside of the Arena.

You’ll be met with a message telling you to try again later. If you ended up in an Arena job. You’ll need to quit out and find a new session.

Step 12

You are now in GOD MODE, have fun!

Watch the video version of the god mode glitch below

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