New Modern Warfare Season 5 XP Glitch

Season 5 is upon us, in fact, we’re about half way through. And while some players have levelled up completely, and others have finished the Season 5 Battle Pass. Some players are still looking to level up quickly. That’s where this Modern Warfare Season 5 XP glitch comes in!

This Season 5 XP glitch is incredibly simple to do, and it only takes, roughly 30 seconds to 2 minutes to get 20,000+ XP. It’s worth mentioning, this is a god mode glitch, so enemies won’t be able to stop your progress. This Modern Warfare XP glitch will EASILY get you to level 155 and tier 100 on your Battle Pass.

How to do the Modern Warfare Season 5 XP glitch

Step 1

Before you do any of this, If you have one handy, pop a double XP token. This will be a HUGE benefit, as you’ll nab yourself twice as much XP while doing the glitch.

Modern Warfare glitch gives players unlimited double XP tokens | Dexerto

Step 2

Click on the Multiplayer menu and navigate to the bottom where it says Private Match, Trials & Gamebattles.

Step 3

Scroll down to Trials.

Step 4

Click on Season 1 and choose Heavily Armed. This will use up 1 ticket, and it will give you 3 attempts at the trial. This means you’ll be able to stack an easy 60,000 XP per ticket.

Step 5

Once the game loads up, wait a few seconds and a Juggernaut box will drop in front of you. Equip the suit.

Step 6

Head to the back left corner of the map, as shown in the pictures below.

Step 7

Once you’ve found the corner, position yourself in there, get as close as you can.

Step 8

Turn your camera so you can shoot the enemies. DO NOT move around or you’ll drop out of the glitch.

Step 9

Proceed to shoot the enemies as they appear. You’ll be shot a lot, and it will look like you’re taking damage. Although the red markers appear when you’re shot, you’re still in god mode, you will not die!

Step 10

Once you’ve killed all of the enemies you’ll be rewarded with a big chunk of XP. If you popped your XP token, you’ll most likely get around 20,000 XP each time you complete the glitch.

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