Nowhere Prophet Tips For Beginners

Brand new to Nowhere Prophet and looking for tips? Then this is the article for you. This single player, randomly-generated card game takes you on an epic journey across the wasteland. As you’d expect from the set up, it can be pretty unforgiving to the uninitiated. Here’s a few Nowhere Prophet tips for beginners to know before going in!

Invaluable Exploration

It’s incredibly important to get to exploring nodes quickly, this is especially true for the first few maps. Although the temptation to push forward and see where you end up is appealing, instead explore as many nodes as possible. This will help to build up the resources you’ll need further down the line!

Keep Going

Don’t underestimate the map! As you continue through nodes, more nodes and paths become visible and available to you to use!

Study The Outcomes

The outcomes of particular events remain the same throughout the game, this will help you weigh up the risk/reward of any course of action. For instance, pillaging a town will always net you 2 hope items and 2 pieces of equipment so do with that what you will!

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Save, Don’t Sell!

Don’t resort to selling your followers into slavery straight away. The rewards you get from them rarely make up for the skill of the party member you’ve lost. Save this move for a time of real desperation!

Now that you have these handy Nowhere Prophet tips for beginners, you can take your convoy confidently out into the waste and preach the good word!

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