Nuketown Glitch Outside The Map – Call of Duty: Cold War

With the new Call of Duty game dropping recently, everyone is looking to get whatever advantage they can. This guide will show you a glitch that will get you outside of the Nuketown map, netting you a big tactical advantage over your opponents. There are 2 methods here. The first you need a friend for and the second you don’t. So however you play, we’ve got you covered!

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How To Do The Nuketown Glitch

Method 1 – Step 1

To make this glitch work you will need the assistance of another player. So, get on chat with a friend and set yourselves up a private lobby so that you can practise this technique.

One player will need to be using the RC-XD as their Killstreak reward.

The other player needs to stand close to a fence, near the edge of the map. The image below shows you a good spot to try this out.

Step 2

Once you are both set up in your positions it’s time to unleash the RC-XD.

Use the RC-XD to ram into the other player in mid air, meaning both the player and the RC-XD need to jump at the same time and collide in mid-air.

CoD Nuketown Outside the Map Glitch

This should effectivly push the player over the fence and into the outer area of the map.

The best thing about this glitch is that you won’t instantly be downed for going out of bounds and are free to run around outside the map.

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Method 2

There is another way to get outside of the map that is much simpler but provides less freedom.

This method won’t require any assistance from another player. It also doesn’t require any specific perks or timing.

All you need to do is head to the area pictured below, by the green sofa.

From here, mount the green sofa and hop over the fence. You will see the out of bounds warning but don’t worry.

Quickly run towards the cactus and green sofa directly in front of you and slide between them.

You’ll notice that as soon as you slide between these two objects the out of bounds warning disappears, leaving you open to start taking shots.

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Rack Up The Kills

After securing your position outside of the map, you can now start to take advantage.

One of the biggest perks of being outside the map is that you know longer show up on radar.

But be warned players can still see you, so if you give away your position, opponent’s will likely wise up to your strategy and find you quickly if you try it again.

The other major advantage is that your presence doesn’t effect respawns. This means that players can respawn right in front of and be easy pickings.

We hope this Nuketown glitch helps you net a lot of kills outside of the map. With regular hotfixes hitting CoD: Cold War at a pretty rapid pace, you are going to want to make the most of this one before it’s patched.

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