Pokemon Go Evolution Animation Skip

Much like when catching Pokemon, the animation once deciding to evolve a Pokemon is long! It can feel quite pointless too, especially once the initial excitement has worn off. Once you’ve seen the evolution for a specific Pokemon once, you don’t really want to be watching it in full every time after that. So here’s our Pokemon Go evolution animation skip to avoid those evolution visuals and get back to what you signed up for. CATCHING Pokemon!  

Step 1

Decide on a Pokemon you want to evolve and click evolve. 

Step 2

As soon as the evolution begins, close the app down and open it again right away. 

Step 3

When you open it up again, the Pokemon should be evolved, and you didn’t even have to watch the process! 

In order to make the best of this skip, you really need a pretty quick phone in order to benefit. Ideally you want a connection to WiFi to get guaranteed results, but it still works well if you’re on the go and in a rush! 

So there you have it! Our Pokemon Go evolution animation skip! Let us know in the comments below if you have any tips, tricks, hacks, or glitches that you like to use to advance your Pokegaming! And why not follow us on Twitter and Facebook?

This works as of 7th July 2020, so keep trying if it’s not working!

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