Pokemon Go Fast Catch Glitch 2020

One of the most frustrating parts of Pokemon Go is how long it takes to catch a Pokemon. This is especially annoying when you’re not able to stop walking but there’s a good few Pokemon wandering about that you need! Luckily there’s a handy Pokemon Go fast catch glitch that can speed up the catching process!

Step 1. 

Click on the Pokemon that you’re looking to catch. 

“They’re staring each other down!”

Step 2. 

Click and drag the Poke Ball select icon towards the Poke Ball with one thumb, don’t let go. 

“A hot battle is unfolding!”

Step 3. 

Throw the Poke Ball to catch the Pokemon with another finger. 

“And there goes the battle!”

Step 4. 

As soon as the Pokemon is in the ball, let go of the icon, and run away from the Pokemon. The Pokemon should’ve been caught, you can check by seeing if they’re still in the wild and if they’re in your Pokemon list (not Pokedex, unless you’ve never caught that Pokemon before.) 

“Woah, that was fast!”

Keep in mind, however, that all Pokemon have different catch chances. If you don’t catch it then it’s probably not because the glitch isn’t working, it just simply didn’t catch. Try adding a Razz Berry and using a better ball. 

Smacks The Weak-spot!

So there you have it! The Pokemon Go fast catch glitch is great because when you’re in the car (with someone else driving!!) or on the train, it means you don’t miss out on other Pokemon that are nearby. 

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Glitch working as of 7th July 2020, so keep trying if it’s not working!