Possible Premium Tier for PlayStation Plus Service?

A premium tier of PlayStation Plus could be on it’s way!

According to Eurogamers‘ report on Sony’s acquisition of anime-streaming service Crunchyroll (which went for a cool $1.175 billion), it’s looking more and more likely that Sony will be offering up a more expensive option of the PlayStation Plus service that bundles in extra subscriptions. (If they don’t call it PlayStation Plus Plus I’ll be very disappointed).

PlayStation Now Use Contributed to Sony's 19% Increase in 2018 Sales -  Variety

The Eurogamer source suggests that the purchase of Crunchyroll could mean Sony is planning to bundle the streaming service in with a more expensive Plus subscription, possibly with the addition of PlayStation Now – Sony’s answer to Xbox Game Pass.

PlayStation Plus is already great value for money, with it’s free monthly games, monthly discounts, and deals. Bringing extra subscription services (like PlayStation Now) under one roof for a slightly higher price could be a great look for Sony. I know I’ll personally be jumping at the chance! Especially as I have a subscription to PS Plus, PS Now, and Crunchyroll already!

As great as this all sounds, it’s obviously just speculation at this point. Keep your eyes peeled, because we’ll be updating you as soon as we get more info.

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